What I learned today


I learned that in Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq can run cron-like jobs with the help of Sidetiq. It's as easy as writing a Worker and adding this line after the definition:

Class ScheduledWorker:
  include Sidekiq::Worker
  include Sidetiq::Schedulable
    recurrent { hourly }

And you can substitute hourly by minutely, daily or minutely(5) if you want the worker to run every 5 minutes for example.

  • I learned that installing python-software-properties when installing tmate on an Ubuntu machine can completely destroy your python installation if you are using Anaconda. Anaconda is finicky


  • I learned that a restaurant next to my office, Mrs Kims, has an amazing BLT Sandwhich.
  • I learned how rice is made, I always thought that the rice grain grew underwater.